Letter: Racism or bigotry

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Racism or bigotry

Sir: In the wake of the Stephen Lawrence report, it needs to be pointed out that the real problem in our society is not racialism, but bigotry against any group, be they black, Asian, Oriental, Gypsy, new age travellers, Irish, Catholic, Protestant, from the council estate, with long hair, or cropped hair.

It doesn't seem to matter how many cultures or sub-cultures we have, we always seem to have a reason to hate.

I have had experience of the bigotry of some police officers because I rode a motorcycle (this resulted in severe beatings requiring hospital treatment while still in custody).

I have also experienced it because I chose to live in a bus. I've also seen it from firemen, ambulance drivers, vicars, nurses, friends and even myself.

Seemingly intelligent, compassionate, open-minded people can turn in an instant when faced with their particular pet hate. It is something we all need to take responsibility for. If we start calling it by another name we risk allowing it to be someone else's problem.


Bromyard, Hereford and Worcester