Letter: Racist transplant

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Sir: As a South Asian who has benefited by receiving a kidney transplant, I am indebted to the fair National Health service we have in this country. I find it appalling that institutions such as the Northern General Hospital have been found to be bowing down to racist conditions set out by a donor.

If such practices are allowed to continue, we will come to a day when donors would be allowed to specify the age, sex, race, religion and even the hair colour of the recipients. I am pleased that the Health Secretary, Frank Dobson, is taking a firm stand.

The selection for organ transplants should be based on tissue typing and blood grouping. Donors should leave the decision of who receives the organs to medical professionals who are there to work in the best interests of everyone, regardless of race, creed, colour or sex.


Organ Donation Campaign Director, South Asian Development Partnership

Carshalton, Surrey