Letter: Railway Gestapo

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Sir: I read your report "Rail Staff told: fine passengers or lose pay" (7 December) on my delayed, litter-strewn Connex train from Brighton to Lewes.

To add to the Gestapo-style ticket checks before, during and after a journey, it seems we will now have over-zealous ticket collectors desperately trying to meet their 10 to 15 penalty fare quotas. What happens if there aren't enough fare-dodgers on the collector's shift? Are they going to mug a granny for her ticket so they can then issue her with a pounds 10 fine?

As a fare-paying customer I applaud anyone who gets away with a free ride even if I am subsidising it. I am already paying for inept and bullying Connex managers who seem to have neither the skills nor the intelligence to do their job.