Letter: Reinstate Dallaglio

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Sir: I was pleased to see that The Independent's journalists condemned with one voice the self-serving sensationalism put out by the News of the World in its Lawrence Dallaglio expose.

I wonder, though, if all Monday's outrage isn't exactly what the tabloid press is seeking. Bullies, I was always told, should be ignored; nothing annoys them more than a lack of reaction. But the moment any sensational story breaks at weekends, when the circulation war is at its hottest, the Monday presses roll out the accusations and counter-accusations.

What if the "decent" press and the broadcasting services paid no attention to such muck-raking? Might it not evaporate and allow the authorities (in this case the RFU) some space for informed discussion without all the attendant hysteria?

Richard Williams ("our moral maze", 25 May) rightly asks what this country of ours really wants: well I, for one, want an England rugby team with a captain.


Sherborne, Dorset