Letter: Right to roam

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Sir: The question of land ownership and the transfer of land can be dealt with by an office of land management as part of the new Scottish Parliament.It is all well and good for Andrew Dingwall-Fordyce of the Scottish Landowners' Federation to say that legislation is not needed or wanted (letter, 8 March) but he is only speaking on behalf of vested interest. Where is the evidence that a true consensus of opinion has shown this to be true?

The landowners of Scotland do not have a very good track record for acting on behalf of the working class. One has only to read of the Clearances to understand how much the real people of Scotland have been close to the heart of the owners. Recent land sales have been to the detriment of people trying to make a living on the land, and Knoydart is a prime example.

Does Mr Dingwall-Fordyce expect us to believe that the Landowners' Federation can police land sales properly? May I suggest that the people of Scotland should have a say in whether some German artist or whoever is a proper person to administer land which belongs to the people of Scotland. I wish the new Parliament well.