Letter: `Right-wing' Alpha

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Sir: The Rev David Broad (letter, 24 September) describes the Alpha course as embracing a "dangerous, right-wing success theology", not representative of Anglican teaching. I do not know where David gets his information about Alpha, but it certainly doesn't come from the current edition of the course manual, unless I have badly misread it.

Nor is Alpha designed as a recruitment drive for the Anglican Church. Alpha is an opportunity to learn more about Christianity. Of course Alpha will result in some people joining the Anglican communion: others will seek out other Christian denominations, yet more will decide that the church isn't what they are looking for. What matters is that all participants will have learnt something in the process - including those who are there as leaders and helpers, as I know from experience.

I am not sure what he means by "right-wing success theology" - perhaps he isn't either: but he must be challenged to explain these remarks, and either justify or withdraw them.


Southampton, Hampshire