Letter: Russians in Kosovo

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Sir: Now that the madness in the Balkans looks as if it may end, we should take a look at ways of preventing a repetition.

Slobodan Milosevic is just the latest in a series of oppressive tyrants who have caused untold distress to the people they presume to rule. In two recent cases our government has chosen to intervene violently, while in others it turns a blind, or even a conniving eye. Saddam Hussein was actively encouraged shortly before the bombs raged down on his people.

This is not the way to inhibit tyranny. To achieve a real world order, government must be founded in justice, not force.

Would-be oppressors must learn that unacceptable behaviour will automatically incur sanctions. It would not be difficult to draw up an index of good governance that would create a league table of states ranging from the decent to the terrible. Nor would it be arduous to draw up a sliding scale of sanctions that effect the elite without compromising access of the poor to food and medicines. The sanctions could be applied in proportion to the misbehaviour of the government.


South West Euro Region Green Party

Congresbury, Somerset