Letter: Russia's Nato fears

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Sir: Stuart Russell misses the main point of difference between Kosovo and the Holocaust (letter 28 April). We shan't know till later whether the reported acts of rape, mass murder, theft and so on were the "policies" of Milosevic, and ordered by him, or whether they are barbaric and intemperate savageries by troops and their leaders on the ground, at their own initiative, and - though it may be unpopular to say so - as a vile response to the Nato attacks.

Building gas chambers and death camps and having an overt policy of racial "purification" removes all ambiguity as to where the criminality lies.

By promoting a boo-and-hiss attitude to Milosevic himself Nato's leaders and spokesmen may be laying the ground for the real perpetrators of monstrosity (KLA and Serbian obsessives) finally to go unpunished.


London SW6