Letter: School gibberish

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Sir: I assume Jenny Mosley's "Podium" article (4, June) was included in order to provide some much-required levity for us school teachers approaching with perhaps understandable recalcitrance the forthcoming academic term.

Her "Whole School Quality Circle Time Model" notion typifies the sort of Americanised gibberish which has begun to permeate, with depressing rapidity, into the mentality of many school managers and pseudo-academic education theorists.

Raising standards in schools depends upon offering the best young graduates decent salaries as an incentive to enter the teaching profession, and has absolutely nothing to do with formulation of meaningless, half-baked "management concepts", of the kind advocated by Ms Mosley. Nonsense of this nature - with its concomitant piling up of acronyms, neologisms and abstract nouns - should be speedily consigned to any intelligent person's ideological dustbin.


Hornchurch, Essex