Letter: Selling the arts

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Sir: Phil Johnson's feature "Poor show, great publicity" (22 September) does a disservice to both Birmingham's "artsfest" and to arts marketing.

Arts marketing is not "the biggest growth area in the arts", and no one would want it to be so. But there is a need for more effort to develop new audiences and increase attendances and participation. The Government and the Arts Council have placed an increasing emphasis on bringing more people to enjoy artistic activity

Birmingham is exemplary from this point of view. But there is no "civic marketing board" or "Arts Marketing Board". Instead there is a consortium of all the arts organisations, led by Paul Kaynes (not Caines). This works with the City Council to deliver maximum benefit and value for money from the exciting artistic activity in the City, to the council tax payers and to visitors. Surely a good thing and definitely not a poor show.



Arts Marketing Association