Letter: Serb `genocide'

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Sir: Why is it that the present leaders of western Europe lack the confidence of historical heavyweights like Willy Brandt, Charles de Gaulle and Winston Churchill in the face of Nato's American military dictates?

Russia should be included in strategic considerations on the Balkan peninsula rather than excluded from them. I am sure that if Moscow were to be included in a united European strategy towards Kosovo at the expense of Washington's flawed tactic of aerial bombardment, Serbia's nationalist militarism could be contained.

History teaches us that bombings, such as on London, Dresden and Vietnam, only strengthen civilian resolve and patriotism. If the politicians really want to demonstrate their humanitarianism, peace-keeping troops must be deployed in Kosovo whether an agreement is signed with Belgrade or not.

Furthermore, those who propose that American technology is vital to the accuracy of the Allied offensive are misled by government propaganda. Yugoslav friends of mine have lost relatives in the Nato bombing. These relatives lived over 50 kilometres from the nearest military base.


Thames Ditton,