Letter: Serb `genocide'

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Sir: Surely Nato should be praised rather than criticised for not expecting the bestial behaviour of the Serbs as a natural response to its action.

Now that it has occurred we should anticipate events rather than react to them. The first need is to provide shelter and a safe haven for all the potential refugees - meaning all 2 million Kosovans who have not been murdered. I would gladly pay a 2p surcharge on income tax to help them. Fortunately, too, summer is approaching.

When Kosovo is empty and Milosevic has played his aces, we continue the bombing until Serbia agrees to our conditions - namely that all military and police are withdrawn (so the refugees can return with our aid and protection) and that all the perpetrators, including Milosevic, are surrendered to face justice.

If the Serbs continue to back him, we continue pounding them for as long as it takes - and we don't listen to any Russian pleading.