Letter: Serbia's obsession

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Sir: Adrian Hastings (letter, 1 April) is right. There is only one anti-Serbian ground force which can have an immediate effect - the KLA. Nato's neutrality ceased when Serbia confirmed its true intentions by its assault on the civilian population. Only ground troops can save the Kosovars and we should supply the KLA with the anti-tank and other weapons they need to fight the Serbs and the communications equipment needed to call in air strikes.

But that can only be a holding operation. The KLA will not defeat the Yugoslav army, nor can it be trusted not to take revenge on Serbian civilians.We learnt in 1939-45 the folly of appeasement and allowing dictators to profit by aggression. We also learnt that under attack any nation rallies to its leaders, however evil they may be. The prospect is horrifying, but if we want peace in Europe it must mean the defeat of Milosevic and his trial. Milosevic must face trial as the greatest war criminal since Hitler and his surrender must be one of Nato's demands. Did we not also learn that the crushing of a dictator does mean his country must take the consequences? I have as much, but no more, sympathy for the Serbs as I had for the Germans when they reaped the whirlwind in 1945.

There must be a downside to such barbaric behaviour as the Serbs have shown. Kosovars can never trust the Serbs again, so Nato should establish the one thing Milosevic most wanted to avoid - an independent Kosovo guaranteed by immediate membership of Nato.


Ramsgate, Kent