Letter: Serving the public

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Sir: The Prime Minister was gratuitously offensive in his remarks about public sector staff ("Outrage as Blair attacks public sector", 7 July). As a professional and manager in both health and higher education, I am deeply aware of the hard work and loyalty of our staff.

I also see the way in which those staff have carried "on their backs" the burden of many politically driven changes over recent years - some good, some bad, most not well thought through. They have adapted to and espoused them with extraordinary flexibility and generosity, even good humour; they have worked tirelessly to safeguard the interests of patients and students.

I have already seen, heard and felt the deeply pained responses of my staff to the Prime Minister's ill-judged comments. Many of us, regardless of political views, looked to this government for a shift from the blame culture and undermining of professionals that characterised the last administration. How wrong we were.