Letter: Sex rations

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Sir: The current fuss about prescribing Viagra on the NHS ("Viagra rules ration sex to once a week on NHS", 22 January) is simply diverting attention away from the real problem in health care, the issue of rationing.

Rationing itself will always be inherent in any system where demand exceeds supply.

The nub, however, is that the government of the day, elected by the society it serves, and which determines the national spend on health care for that society, should accept responsibility for rationing on behalf of that society, and not simply dump it into the lap of individual GPs, under some politically convenient pretext.

In my surgery I remain the advocate of my patient, and will continue to strive for the best possible health care for that individual. Until the Government, mandated by our society, openly states the level of healthcare acceptable to that society, and its implications, rationing has no place in the consulting room.


Rugby, Warwickshire

Sir: I was amused to read that "doctors are angered" by the limitations on the prescription of Viagra. As medical committees are almost invariably composed of older men, I can't help thinking that they may be speaking for themselves. Perhaps we could seek more impartial opinions? Mr Dobson, on the other hand, is performing impressively.