Letter: Shaggy dog story

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Sir: On 15 June the crew of a Weymouth to Bristol train rang our operations control to say that an unaccompanied dog had boarded at Trowbridge at 18.57, and what should they do with it.

Shortly afterwards a distraught passenger arrived at Newport at 19.22 and asked for help because she had accidentally left her dog behind at Trowbridge. The dog had sensibly boarded the next train in the right direction to follow its mistress.

The dog, now known to be a border collie called Bobdog, remained on the Weymouth to Bristol train, and was described as "settled". At Bristol we coupled the train to another to Newport, without disturbing the dog, and at 20.20 dog and owner were reunited.

We do care for our passengers, even canine ones.


Operations Director

Wales and West Passenger Trains Ltd