Letter: Sick old man

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Sir: Some people say that Pinochet should be released on compassionate grounds alone.

Everybody knows he is guilty of crimes against humanity. So these people have to find other ways to get him out of trouble. Lady Thatcher said that we should release him because he is a "frail, sick and old" man.

But he thought himself fit enough to appoint himself senator for life. And he thought himself fit enough to come to England for a meeting with British Aerospace and a visit to Madame Tussauds. He even thought himself fit enough for a cup of tea with Thatcher.

Some people say that extradition threatens Chilean democracy. A democracy where an 82-year-old "sick and frail" man, guilty of crimes against humanity appoints himself senator for life and nobody has the power to do anything against that. Strange democracy!

There is no real democracy in Chile as long as Pinochet is free.He should be jailed for life on compassionate grounds alone.


London SE8