Letter: Sleeper nightmare

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Sir: Apologies for the shoddy service Mr Carter-Ruck received on the London-Fort William sleeper the other week (letter, 2 December).

If he paid a First Class fare and travelled in Standard Class accommodation, then he is certainly entitled to recompense that will be forthcoming if he gets in touch with our Customer Relations Department.

The error arose from a mistake during the re-marshalling of 10 sleeper train "portions" in preparation for the attachment of new airline-style seating cars. This is part of a pounds 7m upgrade of the 80-vehicle Caledonian Sleeper fleet currently under way.

Mr Carter-Ruck's own admission that he used the glass tumbler to clean his teeth is, to me, disturbing. Suddenly to learn that I've been travelling up and down to London for years, freely drinking out of a beaker that someone else may have been steeping his "wallies" in is not pleasing. Hygiene is the main reason ScotRail has now opted for disposable materials in the breakfast pack.


Media Relations Manager