Letter: Speeding drivers

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Sir: Most motorists know of places where the formal speed limit has no reasonable link to the hazard of that environment: straight lengths of rural road without side turnings unnecessarily limited to 50mph, but with sudden, narrow bends not further limited where 30mph or even lower would be quite appropriate; or suburban roads with broad verges that preclude any sudden hazard, but which are nevertheless limited to 30mph.

Such speed limits are perceived to be unreasonable and are widely exceeded, and so it should be no surprise that the reasonableness of all speed limits has come into question.

In Oxfordshire and elsewhere, many sharp bends have recommended maximum speeds marked on their approach signs. By experience, drivers come to relate these suggested limits to reality - and most are soon found to be reasonable. If motorists come to see that all speed limits have been set for good reason, they will come to respect them.


Steventon, Oxfordshire