Letter: Squats in Hackney

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Sir: In a number of articles last week your writers have appeared to glamorise squatting in Hackney (reports, 22, 23, 24 July). I don't think that the average Hackney council tenant or property owner shares the views or perceptions of your writers.

Squatters are seen by most Hackney people as undesirables who take properties which should be available for people who are legitimately on the council waiting list. They take the properties illegally and have no consideration for their neighbours or environment. In Hackney, council property keys were (and possibly still are) sold by criminals; the activities your writers describe are surely just an extension of this criminal behaviour.

In an ideal democracy the best minds should be providing the leadership and vision to improve the lives of their citizens. It seems that Hackney's best minds are industriously profiteering from the weakness and indecisiveness of Hackney's councillors.


London N16