Letter: Stop US food giants

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Sir: Nanny knows best. The US arrogantly wishes to impose a technology not tested for effects on the environment, health or biodiversity on the rest of the world, threatening dire consequences in the name of free trade ("US warns Europe against sparking GM food trade war", 30 June).

Not content with attempting, through the World Trade Organisation, to do away with the livelihoods of Caribbean banana farmers, it now wishes to fight the corner of its agribusiness companies over GM foods.

Consumers are refused choice. The possibility that mixing GM and non- GM crops at source may be a restraint of trade is ignored.

We are having a one-sided trade and economy led debate that prioritises value-added and profits, not value to the consumer, environmental protection and enhanced livelihoods for the farmers of the developing world, who will face increasing input costs through the need to buy GM seed and associated chemicals.


London SE4