Letter: Surgical chore

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Sir: I have followed with interest the correspondence on circumcision. As a house surgeon 55 years ago, I was entrusted with the chore (i.e. the senior staff regarded it as a chore) of performing circumcision on babies. I do not look back on this part of my career with any pride. Over the years I realised that all these operations were not necessary. It was too soon to decide if there was any true indication for the operation.

During nearly 40 years in general practice, with the co-operation of our excellent department of paediatrics in Newcastle upon Tyne, we could persuade most parents that the operation was not indicated.

I am not surprised that most American males are circumcised. Surgeons are paid for the job.

If the gentiles whom St Paul wished to convert would have none of it, so would the babies if they had a voice. I think that Jesus, in the here and now, would be with them.