Letter: Take new heart

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Sir: What a sad letter from Betty Perry(12 November).

As far as heart transplants go, I agree that priority should be given to those with plenty of possible life ahead of them, but about pacemakers I can speak from experience.

At the age of 80 I found myself unable to walk 100 yards without stopping to regain my breath and I was having occasional blackouts. After several consultations, in only one of which was I given the impression that at my age I was too old for consideration, I had a pacemaker fitted. Now at 83 I am once more able to make a small contribution to the life of a very caring village community.

Naturally I would prefer to leave this world with a bang rather than a whimper, but whatever the future holds I hope I will never cease to be grateful to those in the NHS who have given me a new lease of life.




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