Letter: Tax freeze

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Sir: Council taxes may be set to rise by three times the rate of inflation across England (report, 26 November) but this is not the case in Liverpool, despite your gloomy forecast. We will ensure that there will be no increase in council tax next year - just as we honoured our pledge to freeze the council tax this year.

Although the government settlement is not over-helpful to the city we will continue our drive to ensure that Liverpool loses its unwanted tag of having the highest council tax in the country. At the same time we will ensure that we increase spending on education and savings will be made through far more efficient and effective use of our resources.

We had thought that, with the Government's alleged support for urban regeneration, cities like Liverpool would receive a fairer deal than they did under the Tories.

Alas, new Labour is also failing the millions of people who live in our cities. Places and communities that should add to the potential of Britain will continue to add to her problems until government recognises that opportunities require resources.


Council Leader