Letter: Tax to fight poverty

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Sir: The excellent letter from David Jones (30 July) highlights the poverty that is to be found in many parts of the country. While, however, the Chancellor continues to pursue the same policy as his Conservative predecessor in seeking to cut income tax, the situation will not improve.

There are many deprived people in this country but there are also many who are very comfortably off and able to spend lavishly. Far more money needs to be diverted to education, health, the social services and the police.

Only the Liberal Democrats at the last election had the courage to say they were prepared to put an extra penny on income tax for education. Until the growing number of prosperous middle-class people realise the injustice of the present taxation policy and accept the need for tax contributions to increase, the situation is only likely to grow worse.

Christians and all other people of goodwill, both in and outside Parliament, should no longer keep quiet while so many people live under the conditions described by Mr Jones.


Cirencester, Gloucestershire