Letter: Team players

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Sir: I am happy to take up Mr Storr's challenge that I should tell him where, in the Institute of Director's scheme of things, concepts like teamwork and leadership by example are to be found (letter, 3 November).

Quite simply, they are to be found throughout British business, from the corner shop and the local hairdresser to boardrooms in which multi- million-pound deals are made.

Perhaps I could add that I am mystified by Mr Storr's assertion that my use of the football analogy totally destroys my argument that, in a "winner takes all culture", the pay of "stars" is pulling away from others. There is no doubt that the pay of Alan Shearer and his peers is in a different league (in more senses than one) from a third division goalie. And the inequalities are rising.


Head of the Policy Unit

Institute of Directors

London SW1