Letter: Terror of a Bill

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Sir: You report that the so-called Terror Bill will provide that the uncorroborated evidence of a single individual (a policeman) will suffice to convict someone of being a member of a banned group. Such a provision must be absolutely contrary to the need for justice to be seen to be done. This part of the Bill will make very bad law and safe verdicts are very unlikely to result. It has the side-effect of converting the police into a prosecution service and makes the dissolution of the Royal Ulster Constabulary ever more likely.

The same Bill will make it an offence to plan to commit any criminal offence abroad. Such a measure could catch not only terrorists, and, as your political correspondent suggests (report, 31 August), paedophiles and bank robbers, but also intending football hooligans planning to travel to overseas matches and "party animals" Ibiza-bound. The last do seem pretty wide of the ostensible mark - international terrorism.


Eyemouth, Berwickshire