Letter: The City jungle

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Sir: I am the press officer at the International Petroleum Exchange and am one of the people working in financial PR slated by Richard Pendry (Media, 27 July).

While I sympathise with his frustration, it is important to understand why City press officers tend to be cautious about cooperating with television companies who wish to investigate the lives of our traders. We have camera crews on the trading floor most weeks, mainly for news programmes, but I have learned my lesson the hard way with television features. My trust has been betrayed on more than one occasion and the final result has been very different from the initial pitch.

There are lots of unfair stereotypes about traders and certain parts of the media seem more interested in perpetuating them than exploding them. Occasionally a production company appears with a "new" angle, which is often equally repellent.

One company was making a "serious medical programme" which would have involved testing female workers on our busy trading floor to see if they had higher than average levels of testosterone. I couldn't find many volunteers for this one. Another company wanted to take footage of the traders and compare it to the behaviour of baboons.



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