Letter: The FA's greed

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Sir: If any other board of directors had undermined its own product as effectively as the FA has undermined the FA Cup, its members would be expected to resign or be forced out of office ("United can quit Cup", 28 June).

Forget the guff about "the greater good of the game" and "being forward- looking". The World Club Competition is simply about making more money from TV revenues. It will be played in the heat of the traditional Brazilian mid-season break, so don't expect much from United, either there or when they come back.

As for the 2006 World Cup, most fans are less enthusiastic about the prospect than the powers that be would have us believe. The prospect of expensive tickets and profiteering on a vast scale is what lies in front of us, and this grandstanding government sees it as yet another chance to further the glory of Tony Blair.

The combination of shameful government interference and the FA's commercial greed leaves clubs with only one option. As the FA Cup means nothing, everyone should withdraw from it, thus freeing up time and resources for more meaningful competitions. And the FA would get what it deserves.


London N4