Letter: The GM `monster'

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Sir: Contrary to your editorial ("This `Orwellian future' is an allusion too far", 2 June), the allusion in "Frankenstein food" to its authors is entirely apt.

The immediate problem is the lack of respect by the authors of GM foods - multinational corporations and the scientists working for them - for the enormity of what they are doing with the building blocks of creation. Just as Dr Frankenstein sought to induce life in an assembly of body parts, they are seeking to create new, unnatural life forms.

The are developing - messily, and with inadequate knowledge - transgenic organisms which would not arise in millions of years of natural evolution. Then they are releasing these novel organisms into our environment with no means of recall, whatever their consequences.

If that makes "the future sound frightening", it should. What is being done in the pursuit of profit for the genetic engineering corporations is utterly irresponsible.

The supine attitude of the current New Labour government is little better.

We need a greener approach both in the UK and in Europe. A sufficient moratorium on releases of these organisms is the essential first step.


London TW9