Letter: The no-policy party

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Sir: Contrary to what the Tory image-makers would like us to believe, the unpopularity of William Hague has little to do with image and a great deal to do with the lack of Tory policies.

The Conservatives have now been in opposition for more than two years. With the exception of the anti-European policy, they have not put forward a single original idea on any key national issue. Instead of concentrating its efforts on policies, Central Office seems to be preoccupied with William Hague's image.

To be fair to William Hague, he is a good leader of his party. He performs well at the despatch box. He is certainly better than the Bible-brandishing Ann Widdecombe and the Euro-bashing Michael Portillo. His constant repackaging is futile. Glamour is not important in politics if there is substance.


Alcester, Warwickshire