Letter: The price of fish

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Sir: Ecologically, I completely agree with Deborah Orr ("The way to save the salmon", 30 July). Economically, I think the view expressed is elitist.

I try and feed my family well on pounds 15 per person per week. To do this I use fresh fruit and vegetables together with potatoes, lentils, chickpeas and small amounts of animal protein (bacon scraps, chicken livers, tinned tuna).

Twice a week we eat relatively cheap protein (below pounds 1.50 per lb) - chicken, shoulder of lamb or salmon. I'd like to buy organic but that would take me over my budget. Factory-produced salmon and chicken can be cooked to taste nice and when salmon costs the same as coley, I'm tempted by the salmon.

Our society has a large and growing disparity between the relatively rich and people trying to work within my sort of budget.

What I find lacking in Ms Orr's article is recognition that the ecological choice is meaningless unless it is open to everyone, and that to be open to everyone it must include an economic dimension.


Otley, West Yorkshire