Letter: Thin Radio 4 diet

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Sir: In order to judge the changes to Radio 4 one needs to tune in all day every day. I suspect that David Aaronovitch, ("The BBC's problem is not that it changes too much, but too little", 22 October) like other commentators who have written articles on the subject, is too busy working to listen to daytime radio.

He only comments on shows being broadcast in the evening and at the weekend. I think he would be much more dismayed if he listened to the daily diet of almost wall to wall soap opera-ish drama, "comedy", and quiz shows that are now being broadcast.

Day-time Radio 4 is as lacking in intellectual content as daytime television.

He is wrong to say that favourite shows and presenters have not disappeared. Medicine Now, Science Now, and The Afternoon Shift are three of my favourites that have gone forever.


London N4