Letter: This is no way to protect Kosovars

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Sir: Nato has apologised for killing and maiming civilians on a train during the attack on a railway bridge near Leskovac . They were also quick to add that a vital military supply line was targeted, and have destroyed fuel storage and depots and power plants throughout Yugoslavia.

How does one distinguish military from civilian targets in a modern society? Mr Milosevic's ability to make war his certainly been diminished by the bombing, but the population of Yugoslavia will have no fuel for agricultural machines to farm the land this spring, leaving them with no crops to eat this autumn. They will be left with no fuel and power plants to provide heating in the severe Balkan winter.

The Albanians in Kosovo should enjoy human rights and autonomy, but the only way to achieve that is through political talks unhampered by the armed rebellion of the Albanians or ultimatums from the West to the Serbs.


Northolt, Middlesex