Letter: This is no way to protect Kosovars

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Sir: A foreign policy with "an ethical dimension" should by now have produced a recognisable stance over Turkey and East Timor, not to mention Burma. Instead, we have this intervention in the Balkans in which the objective is anything but clear, the strategy non-existent and the tactics little more than letting the military test their weapons. And I take nothing away from the service personnel who are obliged to implement this folly.

Nothing has been said about the financial costs. The future, for this government is a strange land full only of promises. When will this adventure cause the government to renege on yet another manifesto pledge? How distant now are freedom of information, reduced waiting lists (the real figures, not the fudged ones), a proper transport White Paper with sensible investment in rail, water and road infrastructure?

Not least, what plans and funds are in place to rebuild Yugoslavia, or do Blair and Clinton believe that these troubled people deserve to be consigned to a pre-industrial wastebin?


London W7