Letter: This island race

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Sir: Paolo Grossi regrets that the British people do not want to do business with Europe. On the contrary, they do, and by a two-to- one majority they confirmed their desire to trade with and be part of the EEC during the 1975 referendum.

The politicians of all parties who wanted us to vote yes said nothing about any loss of UK sovereignty, about penalising the lower paid by imposing VAT on essential items and services as well as luxury goods, or about the virtual destruction of our fishing industry. Not only have we had to suffer these and much more besides, but we have had to subsidise the organisation responsible with money that could be spent far more profitably on healthcare, public transport or a multitude of more deserving causes.

We have also been confronted with and paid for an endless programme of expensive photo opportunities (sorry, European summit meetings) by leading members of all political parties. The openly avowed federal aims of Signor Prodi, Mr Blair's choice as President of the Commission, indicates that there's more to come.

As the election results proved, one does not have to be an extremist to say, "Enough is enough."


South Brent, Devon