Letter: Too much cream?

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Sir: How on earth do "fat cats" manage to spend all the money they are paid?

Our total family income (today's prices) has never exceeded pounds 50,000. From this we have bought, and repaid the mortgage on, a house which is larger than we need, have run two medium-sized cars, have financed our son through private school and university, have rarely taken fewer than two foreign holidays each year and have been able to make modest donations to charity.

Now in retirement we would be perfectly able to buy private medical insurance and provide for residential care in old age if we chose. Throughout 30 years of marriage, my wife and I have been financially secure without detailed budgeting, providing that we avoided ridiculous extravagance. I cannot imagine that more money would significantly improve the quality of our lives. Nor can I imagine that a higher salary would have given me any feeling that I had performed better professionally.

Perhaps one of your better paid readers would explain the benefits of very high salaries?


Bradninch, Devon