Letter: Tories after Archer Sir:

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Sir: Whilst I and thousands of other London Conservatives feel let down and disgusted by the behaviour of Lord Archer, let there be no doubt that William Hague has acted with the speed and clarity to be expected of a party leader.

On hearing the accusations that were to be released, he immediately told Archer that he was not suitable to hold office in the Conservative Party and quite correctly called for his immediate resignation. It is quite ridiculous to try to shift blame to William Hague when the members in London made the decision to select Archer, by one member, one vote.

The decision has been taken to open the selection of our candidate to new candidates and old. For the sake of the party in London and for the sake of this great city, I urge anyone thinking of putting themselves forward to consider carefully whether they can meet the high standards we expect from Conservative candidates. If they do not, please do not stand for office.


Conservative London Policy Unit

London W5