Letter: Tories in turmoil

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Sir: Donald Macintyre ("Only the man in Hush Puppies can lay the ghost of Thatcherism", 30 April) makes some interesting points, then ruins it with a non sequitur about joining the euro - which was overwhelmingly rejected by the Conservative rank and file last autumn.

William Hague has done an excellent job of democratising and sustaining the Tory party through its most difficult days. If he really does have to be replaced, it should be not only by someone well known with an outstanding intellect and a morally clean history but (much more importantly) by someone who has spent the last two difficult years actively attacking the Government on consistent and loyal principle, such as Ann Widdecombe or John Redwood.

Ken Clarke cannot hope to reunite a party that near-totally disagrees with him on such fundamentals as who will control the country's finances.


Croydon, Surrey