Letter: Tories in turmoil

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Sir: Peter Lilley the fall-guy (report, 29 April)? Oh dear! I had hoped his call for an economic policy going beyond the market alone was the start of the "New Tories". What he said in one sentence had more import than all of Hague's nefarious spin-doctoring to date.

How many lost elections will it now take the Conservatives to learn the lesson Labour did, which is to dump archaic, simplistic, unhelpful dogma?

My commiserations, Peter. You will be proven right - eventually.


Harpenden, Hertfordshire

Sir: If ever proof were needed of BBC bias against the Conservative Party consider the scheduling on BBC 1 on 29 April:

9.30pm: Party election broadcast by the Conservative Party

9.35pm: Men Behaving Badly

10pm: They Think It's All Over.


Prestwich, Greater Manchester