Letter: Torturing Iraq

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Sir: The real reason for the suffering of Iraqis is Saddam Hussein, according to your correspondent James Wilson (letter 23 January). This is also the line peddled by Clinton and Tony Blair. The fact of the matter is that such sufferings started not after Saddam Hussein came to power and not even during the Iran-Iraq war. The real suffering started the moment Iraq was bombed by the West and the sanctions were imposed.

The bombings destroyed hospitals, schools, bridges, roads, water treatment plants and the whole infrastructure and the sanctions stopped the imports of medicine and essential materials into Iraq.

Now the ordinary Iraqis are suffering and it is surprising to note that the United States government intends to prosecute a charity (Voices in the Wilderness - letter, 23 January) for delivering medicines and toys to children's wards in Iraqi hospitals.

Are we living in the 20th century or in some kind of dark ages?


Croydon, Surrey