Letter: Tory lurch to right

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Sir: On promotion of homosexuality the Tories have lost touch with reality. What do they expect? Teacher comes into the classroom and says: "I hear that homosexuality is really great. Who'd like to be gay today?"

I am homosexual and very lucky. I have a supportive family and I and my partner of twenty years have built a good life together with wonderful friends and neighbours. I suppose I have the choice of whether to accept my homosexuality or to deny it, but I cannot choose whether or not to be homosexual. No more could I choose to have black skin, red hair or any of the physical differences which kids pick on to taunt their peers and use as a basis for bullying.

But I wouldn't want my nephews or niece to be gay, nor would any kid choose to be gay. Being different is just too difficult. However, if you are different you need support, not suppression.

I was bullied when I first started school but my parents taught me survival techniques. I wasn't bullied for being gay in my teenage years, because it was a very well kept secret, but I still remember the cruelty that some boys suffered for the suspicion of being gay, whether justified or not.

Anything that prevents such bullying is to be welcomed. And anyone who thinks they would have been persuaded to become homosexual because their teacher had "promoted" it needs to look at their own sexuality rather than the motives of the education authority.


London SE8