Letter: Tory troubles

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Sir: I understand Shaun Woodward's frustrations with the present Conservative Party. What is so depressing is the uncanny resemblance to the Labour party of 18 years ago.

We have William Hague in the role of the hapless Michael Foot, slated to be drubbed at the next election. Waiting in the wings is Michael Portillo in the role of Neil Kinnock. He has the credentials to secure the leadership of his party, probably has the wit to try to steer it back to electability but has too much right-wing baggage to convince the electorate to trust him. I guess in ten years' time a John Smith or Tony Blair figure may emerge to finish the job.

The Tories might shorten this period of political exile if they stop holding Lady Thatcher in such awe. She was successful in the Eighties not because the majority of the electorate liked all her policies but because they preferred the direction she would take the country to that espoused by the Labour Party. Once the country had gone as far in that direction as the majority wanted, she was dumped. Her present views are as relevant to the electorate as those of Tony Benn or Arthur Scargill.


Chandlers Ford, Hampshire