Letter: Tory vote on euro

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Sir: You say (leading article, 8 September) that when it comes to the real referendum on the euro Mr Hague "will look out of touch and old-fashioned when the people speak". This is not borne out by surveys of opinion.

A Gallup poll in June found that 33 per cent were in favour of the euro, while 65 per cent were against it, with only 2 per cent undecided. Labour voters were opposed to EMU by 58 per cent to 39 per cent. Liberal Democrats by 65 per cent to 33 per cent (the same as the overall average) and Conservatives by 76 per cent to 23 per cent.

This shows that pro-EMU politicians are pressing ahead in defiance of the will of a heavy majority of their own party supporters. Opponents of this dangerous and undemocratic policy will be ensuring that the views of the ignored majority are properly publicised and represented in the press and in Parliament.


(New Forest East, C)

Cadnam, Hampshire

Sir: William Hague has sparked the Tory torch of recovery. He knows that by ruling out the single currency until the end of the next parliament, the Tory party is rediscovering a philosophy and creed to carry it into the next general election.

By ruling out the euro, Mr Hague commits the Tories to fight for lower taxes as against higher unified taxes the euro will inevitably bring, and re-establishes the party as defender of individual liberty in the face of the corporatist/collectivist forces of the EU. He is undertaking to foster a competitive modern economy which is not subject to red tape and diktats of Commission apparatchiks, and he is pledging to maintain democratically accountable institutions in this country to manage the economy.


London SE3