Letter: Train rage

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Sir: Running on time, enough trains and competitivity are not test enough for the privatised railways (leading article, 24 June). What about clear and accessible information about services nationwide, connections with other services, clarity about fares, and proper integration with other forms of land and water transport?

And what about catering? It is all very well for a Sunday Wigan-London train to arrive on time (not difficult with four and a half hours available). When I travelled on this train last March the lunchtime buffet, to which passengers were invited by the train manager, offered only sweets, chocolate and one remaining piece of cake. My written complaint elicited only an anodyne assurance that the company did its best for its customers (meaning passengers).

The real test for privatisation is when our railways come near to the standards of those in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, not only on punctuality but on everything else.