Letter: Transport crisis

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Sir: How we long-suffering commuters on the horrendous north Kent lines from Strood and Gravesend into Charing Cross enjoy letters like that from Ben Bradshaw MP (9 December), extolling the virtues of Mr John Prescott's transport policies and the wonders being worked on the crumbling public transport infrastructure that is bringing this country to its knees.

I am delighted that Mr Bradshaw reports on how the Channel Tunnel rail link has been "saved": not only is the Kentish countryside currently being torn to bits but the eventual resulting saving of 25 minutes or so on a journey from London to Paris is absolutely wonderful news to those of us travelling the 25 miles from this part of Kent to central London, a journey on filthy, delayed trains that can often take a staggering two hours or more.

No doubt Connex South Eastern will be assisting with the smooth running of the Link, thus showing our French compatriots how well one of their home grown companies is treating the travelling public in this part of the world.


Gravesend, Kent