Letter: Trapped in Kosovo

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Letter: Trapped in Kosovo

Sir: Louise Arbour and the International War Crimes Commission will fail to serve as any deterrent to the Serbian perpetrators of atrocities in the former Yugoslavia ("Manhunt for war criminals is under way", 12 May). No matter what lengths the commission goes to in order to present itself as independent, it will always be perceived as a Western, and in particular American, tribunal.

As such, the Serbs will never accept its moral or legal authority because of the provision of sanctuary by the United States to Andriya Artukovitch, the head of the Croatian secret police during the Second World War. He presided over the genocide of 700,000 Serbs and was protected by the United States until the 1980s.

Any threatening rhetoric by the US about using this procedure will doubtless be seen as politically expedient hypocrisy by the Serbs.


Dore, Sheffield