Letter: Triumph of tosh

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Sir: The news of the success of British films in the Oscars is most encouraging and the recipients of these awards deserve our warmest congratulations.

That does not mean, however, that we should be complacent about the future of the British film industry. On the contrary, when Shakespeare in Love is rewarded by seven Oscars, recognising talents such as those of Tom Stoppard and Dame Judi Dench, it is distressing to note that the film is financed by America (good luck to them for spotting the commercial opportunities) and that the profits will go back to the US.

Until we begin to address the many structural problems which our industry faces - the lack of integration as compared to the US - we will not begin to achieve the consistent level of success which our creative talents are worthy of.


(Coatbridge and Chryston, Lab)

House of Commons

The writer was Minister for Film and Tourism, 1997-98