Letter: Troops must go in

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Sir: The Prime Minister has again asserted that most Kosovan Albanians support Nato's bombing campaign in Serbia, but doesn't state what these refugees think of Nato's point-blank refusal to use ground troops, for example to capture border checkpoints or prevent the laying of mines in border areas. Areas where thousands in sight of help have been turned away and face a future which is at best hazardous.

For the Albanians in Kosovo, whether Milosevic retains power or a peace agreement can be found is irrelevant. The very "success" of Nato's bombing is creating conditions of anarchy, whereby Serbian police and paramilitaries are increasing the scale of "massacre".

It is clear that bombing is not a deterrent and the "nothing to lose" attitude of these forces means that the destruction is likely to continue, regardless of what is agreed with Belgrade.

As Serbia falls apart politically it is the responsibility of Nato to "police" Kosovo with or without a "permissive environment".


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