Letter: Turn again, Norris

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Sir: The attack by the "blue-rinse coven" was based on their views of Steven Norris's private life, rather than his suitability for the public office of Mayor of London. They might have reflected that he would not be the first Conservative who served his party well despite refusing to talk about difficulties in his private life, whether of his own making or not. Harold Macmillan and the first Duke of Wellington were two such Tory prime ministers.

Soliciting perjured testimony is a reason to bar a candidate, and Jeffrey Archer rightly had to withdraw. That Steven Norris had had relationships with more than one woman is not relevant. Raising that was spiteful.

There is little room in politics for a party based on dislike. "We hate foreigners, younger homosexuals and older adulterers" doesn't amount to a viable set of policies. Candidates need to stand for something. Mr Norris does. So do Ken Livingstone and the Green candidate Darren Johnson. Those are the kind of people London voters should be offered as Mayor, not mediocre party hacks promoted for lack of objections.


(no relation)

Richmond upon Thames, Surrey